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Colvin Ranch
Colvin Ranch

For over 150 years the Colvin family has been grazing cattle on the 550 acres near Tenino that make up Colvin Ranch. Fred and Katherine Colvin are the 5th generation of ranchers here. Fred's great grandfather, Ignatius Colvin, homesteaded the land after traveling here from Boone, Missouri on the Oregon Trail.

Originally, the Colvin family grew everything they needed to sustain themselves, from livestock to veggies. These days the Colvins raise only grass-fed beef and, more recently, pastured pigs. Fred and Katherine do all the work themselves, deciding to limit the growth of their business to what they can handle on their own.

Their high-quality grass-fed and finished beef comes from cattle born and raised on their ranch entirely on grass pastures and hay to supplement their diets in the winter. Look for their ground beef, soup bones, and beef livers in our meat freezers.

Colvin Ranch also has pastured pork available for purchase. Their pigs are raised in a stress-free environment with plenty of room to run, root and just be pigs. They are raised on high-quality feed and grass at their ranch, no added hormones or antibiotics are ever added! You can order their premium pastured pork by either the whole or half hog. The pork can be cut and wrapped to your specifications, including hams and cured bacon. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Fred and Katherine Colvin take exceptional care of their land and their animals, just like the generations before them. That quality of care shows in their meats. Look for their products next time you're at Farm Fresh! Find out more about Colvin Ranch on their website: