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Wednesday, April 22 2015

Meet Erin, American nomad, sailboat dweller, foodie, and social media extraordinaire. She’s the face behind the Facebook, the nerd behind the newsletter, and the brains behind the blog. She moved to Olympia and joined the Farm Fresh team in August after a month-long hike across Oregon. When she’s not hiking, road tripping, eating, or working with her husband on their sailboat home, you can find her stocking produce and drinking copious amounts of coffee while bringing you the latest in Farm Fresh news. 

What do you do at Farm Fresh and how long have you worked here?
I am responsible for our web presence and social media. Which, right now, mostly means our Facebook page, but we did just start an Instagram account (@farmfreshmarket), and hopefully we’ll add Pinterest in the future. I have dreams for our social media! I am also the designer and editor of our newsletter, “The Scoop.” I just recently started working in store too; you can usually find me happily stocking produce. 

What do you do in your spare time? 
I like to go hiking, backpacking and camping. I like to play outdoors. If it’s outside, I’m pretty much down! I really like eating. That’s probably my main pastime, putting food in my mouth. I enjoy watching terrible television shows. TV is my guilty pleasure. I like to binge watch cheesy dramas while shoveling healthy junk food into my face. Pro-tip: spread almond butter on the inside of a bowl, then add chocolate Coconut Bliss (coconut milk ice cream). If you’re feeling really crazy throw some berries or Enjoy Life mini-chocolate chips on top. Those are pretty much my main hobbies: TV, food, and hiking. 

What drew you to natural foods? 
I went through a hippie phase. I became a vegan and started shopping in natural foods stores. During that period of my life I learned a lot about healthy eating and I went from being a vegan who ate processed foods to eating healthy whole foods. One day I ate some local, pastured lamb crusted with rosemary and Dijon and there was no turning back. Then I moved to Oregon to work at a natural foods store with my best friend. Plus, I met my husband working in natural foods. He was the hot guy behind the deli counter. Now he’s the hot guy in the meat room at Farm Fresh. 

Are you a native Washingtonian? 
Nope. I was born and raised in the last frontier, Alaska! Then I moved to Hawaii, Tennessee, Iowa, Alaska, Idaho, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and finally arrived here in Washington. 

What’s your favorite thing about working at Farm Fresh Market? 
My job is amazing! I get to be creative in my work every day. I get to talk about all of the exciting things that are happening at Farm Fresh! I don’t have to deal with the more gritty sides of Farm Fresh Market; my job is the glamorous side! I feel really fortunate to do what I do for a living and support something I believe in at the same time.

Do you have any products that you absolutely love? 
Rawnaimo bars from Peace, Love, Raw!!! I’m not sure how I don’t spend my whole paycheck on them. Also Happy Campers Stompin’ Good Molasses Bread, Portland Ginger Brew, and the curry sausage. It’s hard for me not to feature the curry sausage in every recipe in every newsletter. The pork and chicken are both amazing! Also, ladies: the diva cup. It changes my life once a month. OH YEAH! The Covabrelli Coffee! It's my life blood! Even though I live downtown I often go out of my way to get a cup of the Covabrelli drip coffee at Farm Fresh Market. It is probably the best deal for a cup of gourmet organic coffee you can get in Olympia (12 oz for $1 including tax!) 

What is your favorite spring produce/spring meal? 
ASPARAGUS!!! I love seeing these spears pop up on our produce display. It means spring is here! I love being able to grill outdoors. It combines two of my favorite things - eating and the outdoors!    


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