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Sunday, June 21 2015
She doesn't know Santa Claus, but they've got the same stomping grounds. She's older than you might suspect and she'll probably school you at cribbage. After traveling the country in a 14-foot travel trailer, she eventually found her way to Farm Fresh Market.

What do you do at Farm Fresh Market and how long have you worked here? I have worked here since May and I do everything they ask me to do! I run the cash register, I greet customers, I stock groceries, produce, meat... a little bit of everything.

What drew you to natural foods? It was a slow process. My boyfriend is really into sports and he was overweight as a kid. He was always doing all these different diets. So, it was sort of a slow process of clean eating. The more I learned about organic and sustainable, the more interested I got into it.

What do you do in your spare time? I like to hike and fish, read, and watch UFC! 

Are you a native Washingtonian? No. I am a native Alaskan. I grew up in North Pole, Alaska. 

What’s your favorite thing about working at Farm Fresh Market? I love all my co-workers! They’re super fun to be with. And I love learning about all the local vendors. 

Do you have any products you love? I absolutely love the pork shoulder roasts. I live by them! I like to make pulled pork with them. Sometimes I do it with barbecue sauce or sometimes I do it Mexican style. Also the individually-sized nut butters from Wilderness Poet and Rawnaimo Bars from Peace, Love, Raw, of course! 

What’s your favorite summer meal? Anything grilled, honestly! Burgers, chicken wings… 


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