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Sunday, September 06 2015
Writer, artist, steak-lover, and fledgling photographer, meet Hannah, who is Canadian, speaks fluent French, and cuts a mean tenderloin steak!

What do you do at Farm Fresh Market and how long have you worked here? I work as a meat cutter, and have been here since June, 3 months.

What drew you to natural foods? I’ve worked in a meat department before, and I really enjoyed it. Natural foods are good because you can have more trust in where you are getting the food, how they are treating both the animals and, especially if it’s local, you can have more trust in how they are treating the workers as well. It’s also more healthy and sustainable. Treatment of workers is one of my biggest things, on a personal level. I am cognizant of how the people who produce my food are treated. With local foods it’s often a family business, so it’s easier to know people are treated well.

Are you a native Washingtonian? I am not. I was actually raised in Canada, I have dual citizenship; I am both American and Canadian. I am from the Great Lakes Region. I was born in Michigan, then moved across Lake Erie, to Ontario, then back to Michigan, where I went to high school and university.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Farm Fresh Market? I like the work that I do. I like how I am trusted to know what to do, and to do it.

Do you have any products you love? I really enjoy the Stumptown coffee with milk in it, it’s the only iced coffee I’ve been able to find that’s not ridiculously sweet. It’s tasty! I also like the Nineveh sandwiches.

What’s your favorite fall meal? I don’t really have a concept of season specific meals, I enjoy comfort foods in the fall! I’ve recently been making the dish where you make a hole in your bread and fry an egg in it, I made it the other day with leftover curry thrown in, so delicous! I think it’s called eggs in a basket?

What do you do in your free time? I write, and draw. I recently got a camera too, so I’ve been taking lots of pictures. I’ve been watching a lot of movies too.


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