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Saturday, December 20 2014

Married for 12 years to her best friend, Jessie works full time caring for her family which includes homeschooling her 2 boys and tending to their pet chickens.

What do you do here at Farm Fresh Market and how long have you worked here? I’ve been working at Farm Fresh for 3 years. I put freight away and stock shelves. I started back when they were a stand. I worked in the warehouse receiving shipments from farmers and packaging orders. It’s changed mainly in the last year because we still received and packaged orders when we first moved to the Black Lake location and we were only open on weekends. So it’s been pretty cool watching it grow. 

What do you do in your spare time? We like to hunt & fish. I have two boys, so that is my life! I love being outdoors. I like to be around water, oceans and rivers. I find it calming. My son, Riley, helped train a friend’s dog for hunting birds. They had pigeons and Riley took care of the pigeons everyday and they would release them from their cages and the dog would point up at them. We also forage for wild fruit, like berries and apples, and hunt for mushrooms.

What drew you to natural foods? Raw milk! I had a nutritionist and decided I wanted to be healthier, raise my kids healthy, so that’s what drew me to natural foods. I went to Tom & Celia’s stand to buy raw milk and I kept asking Celia if they were hiring.

Are you a native Washingtonian? Yes. Born & Raised in Tenino. So is my husband, Steve. I knew him in school. What’s interesting is I was homeschooled and went to private school my whole life except for 2 years. I went to Tumwater High School my freshman year and the next year I went to Tenino and he was at both schools the years that I went. We reconnected after high school and were married 3 months later!

Do you have any products you absolutely love? Tunawerth Cream Cheese. It’s so much creamier and more flavorful than regular store bought. And I love the Wilderness Raw Pecan Butter in the small cups. I like to eat it with a banana for a snack. What winter produce do you get excited about? Delicata Squash! I cut them in half and cook it in the oven with butter.

What’s your favorite part of Christmas? Hallmark Christmas movies! I would watch a Christmas movie every night. They all end up in love and happy. Christmas movies are so happy!

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? The Christmas Card. What’s the best present you ever got or gave? I don’t know… A few times for Christmas our family has gone to serve meals to the homeless and given Christmas stockings full of socks and things like that. My kids enjoy it too.

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