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Wednesday, January 21 2015

Animal lover, motorcycle enthusiast, and backstocker extrodinaire! Lucy comes to Farm Fresh Market with over 10 years of experience in natural foods and along with her experience she brought a giant smile and a bright and bubbly attitude. 

What do you do at Farm Fresh and how long have you worked here? I have worked at Farm Fresh since June, so 6 months now. I am an all around clerk, grocery stocker and backstock organizer. 

What do you do in your spare time? We recently relocated, so I spend a lot of time working on the property and trying to make it liveable. It’s a beautiful one acre property in Hoodsport that backs a forest. I’m 2 miles from the ocean and a lake. I spend an hour and a half driving everyday, but it’s full of beautiful views and I get to listen to a lot of books on tape! I love to cook, love to feed people and especially love to eat! I’m also playing around with DIY stuff, like home cheese making and fermenting. 

What drew you to natural foods? I grew up eating natural foods. I’m fortunate that my parents have always been very conscientious about food. My mother was a master gardener & amazing chef! Back in the day there weren’t all these natural foods stores and the farmers market scene was not thriving like it is now. So you either grew it yourself or you ate supermarket food. 

Are you a native Washingtonian? I was born in San Francisco, raised in Portland. 

What’s your favorite thing about working at Farm Fresh Market? I really appreciate the community aspect. We have amazing customers and they are very devoted to us. I have so many customers, when they walk through our door, they just make my day. I’m developing real relationships with them. 

Do you have any products that you absolutely love? My current obsession is the Liefie’s Caramel. I eat it by the spoonful or put a spoonful in my coffee. That paired with the coconut creamer is like non-dairy caramel latte. Everyone around here knows I'm obsessed with the Exquisite Hummus as well. Both the original and the garlic are amazing. If I’m not working I’ll eat the garlic, but if I am at work, I try to stick to the original for our customers’ sake. It’s ruined me for other hummus. I used to make my own, but now I can’t get mine anywhere near as delicious. Those are my two favorites right now. I also really enjoy the Nineveh products. And of course, the rotisserie chicken. It’s a staple in all of our meals. 

What is your favorite winter meal? I love greens, and one of my favorite things in the winter is what I just call greens and beans. Which can be any kind of greens and any kind of bean. I saute onions and greens and then dump a can of beans in there. One of my favorite dinners. I like black eyed peas or white beans and chard is all-time favorite. I love chard.  

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