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Firefly: Silky bodied with bold flavors of red berries and milk chocolate. A wine lovers coffee. Mild acidity with a crisp, sweet finish. Medium Roast. Country of Origin: Ethiopia. Region: Sidamo. Producers: Mixed. Altitude: 1800-3000 meters. Processing Method: Natural, Sun Dried. Importer: Zephyr Green Coffee.
From the birthplace of coffee comes this gem of an Ethiopian coffee. Coffee continues to grow wild in some parts of the country with new varietals having been discovered quite recently. Coffee production here takes on more forms than in almost any other country. Coffees are harvested in the wild, in semi-controlled farms, or in full-scale plantations. The Ethiopian government has trademarked its main growing regions by name, and they closely regulate the milling and sale of most coffees produced. Coffees are typically blended together by their growing region, processing method, and grade. They then move into the government run coffee exchange to be bought and sold. This naturally processed coffee from the Sidamo region shows the character of the coffee fruit quite exceptionally. Where other coffee producers sort the green coffee by size and shape, many African coffees show more variance. Much of the “wild” cup flavors come from this mix. The syrupy body and intense, complex fruit flavors make this a wonderful after dinner or desert coffee and pairs well with cream and chocolate.