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Firefly: Phoenix is a superbly balanced blend of coffees from various growing regions. Like the mythological bird, the flavor profile will continually be reborn. Ideal for espresso and other brewing methods. Medium Roast.
Creating a blend is an art and requires a roaster with exceptional sensory abilities. While our offering list will always consist of primarily single origin coffees, there is a place for a well crafted blend. Phoenix Blend embraces the seasonality of coffee production and draws on coffees that are fresh and vibrant to create a superbly balanced cup. As some coffees moved out of season and others come in, the profile of Phoenix will evolve. The overall goal is to have a blend that balances all the primary characteristics of coffee: acidity, body, flavor, and finish. This balanced profile makes the Phoenix a crowd pleaser. It is wonderful however you brew, and is our suggested coffee for use as espresso.